Crazy (A Suitable Case For Treatment) Can you help me Help me get out of this place Slow sedation Ainít my style ainít my face Giviní me a number Nine, seven, eight Gimme back my name Crazy but I donít think that I can see You can hear them Only talkiní at me Liviní on the outside Lookiní inside to be free Feel so good for awhile You donít know why Cry while you lie You are are are true Save me Is there nothing that I can use Please believe me Am I conforming to your views Promise you anything Watch me cryiní out to you Gimme back my name Let me make my statement (lead) Crazy.....crazy.....crazy.....crazy Crazy.....a suitable case for treatment Crazy,crazy......just a suitable case for treatment Crazy,crazy Crazy....crazy.....crazy......etc. Written by: (McCafferty, Agnew, Charlton, Sweet) Produced by: John Punter Engineered by: Callum Macolm Recorded at Castle Sound Studios, Pencaitland, Scotland Back to the Menu..