This site in it’s entirety is dedicated to the
members of Nazareth (both past and present)
and all the Naz fans world wide. This site has
been created by the fans......for the fans, in
appreciation of the world’s greatest rock ‘n’
roll band.......Nazareth!!

A Special Thank You To Nazareth:

  On behalf of the thousands of naz fans
world wide, iId like to take it upon myself
to extend a huge ‘Thank You’ to the
members of Nazareth (both past and
present) and their crew (both past and
present) for giving us the fans, thirty
years of great rock ‘n’ roll music and for
touching our lives in so many ways; both
through your music and as people.

  Your accomplishments are truly
legendary.Your longevity can only be
admired and applauded.Your music has been
an inspiration to many. I know no other
band that works harder, tours harder and
appreciates their fans as much as you! We
as fans can only express our sentiments
from our heart’s. Thank you for your
dedication, great music and continued
touring, as you remain close to your fans
by bringing your music to the people.
Literary prowess surely cannot encapture
the expression of appreciation and respect
we as fans have for you! 

  So we as fans all simply raise our glasses
high and toast: “Thank you for a career
well done and well deserving of the
sincerest accolades. Stay well.....Good
health.....and keep rockin’!!........Cheers!!!!!” 

Sincerely, David Naumko 

The Wonderful Person’s List: ( A Loud ‘n’
Proud statement by David Naumko)

  This site was the result of many hours of
hard work. Many hours were spent
researching, compiling and filing the vast
collection of Nazareth lyrics. There are
several very special people whom I have to
thank for their major contribution to this
page. Their recognition is deserved as their
contribution was crucial to the creation
of this site. 

Thank-You to: 

Tom Weber & Family: 

-for allowing me to pursue this project
with his blessing and to link up with the
Nazareth homepage site. For his
friendship, kindness, humor, and his word’s
of wisdom and encouragement. 
It should also be recognized that Tom
Weber and Joe Geesin have
done an outstanding job with
and all Naz fans are proud and
supportive of their efforts. Cheers
gentlemen! : o )) 

Sally Naumko: 

-My wife Sally for her love, patience, and
graphic design contribution to the
site.Also a big naz fan, my wife has been
very instrumental to the “look” and
completion of this project. xxxx-000000 

Trych Jones: 

-Our daughter for her love, wit and
charm. Thank you for the amazing design
and programming of this page! You rock!!

Glenn Staudinger: 

This man’s assistance has been absolutely
beyond words!! Thanks Glenn for your
dedication, interest, hard work, research
and contribution. This site could
not have been completed without Glenn’s
input!! Cheers!! A true Naz fan! Thank you
for your friendship!!! 

Andre Sikora: 

  My friend from Curitiba, Brazil. Andre has
been instrumental in my acquiring of some
rather rare and unique naz collectibles
and recordings. Thank you Andre for your
friendship and contribution on “hair of the
dog”. It’s knowing people like Andre, Tom,
and Glenn that has made this experience so important,
valuable and just plain awesome!!!!!!! 

The “Boyz” In The Band: 

  -They are why this site is here!!! Thank you
for your permission to do this project, and
for the happiness and excitement you bring
into every Naz fan’s heart!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!! 

The "Crew":

  To Rab, Ronnie, Willie, Tam, Chuck, and Rick:
Thank you for the great times and keepin' it all 
together! Your friendship is treasured always!