Hello Naz Fans!
    I'd like to draw your attention in this space to "Razamanewz",
the official fanzine of naznet. Joe Geesin, one of the nazkateers,
has tirelessly devoted his efforts to bring us this ultimate fanzine!
It's contents contain such valuable information as:band history and 
info., tour info., band interviews, and current info. keeping the most
avid Naz fan up to date on the world's greatest rock'n'roll band. It's
an absolute must for any and all Naz fans!

   I'd like to thank Joe for all his hard work in keeping Naz fans
around the world well-informed on the latest Naz newz!
Well done mate!!!

   The folowing is the information you'll need to subscribe...........
so what are ya'll waiting for??!!..........grab a crayon and 
subscribe today!!!!!!!!

Razamanewz:    The Official Nazareth Magazine

Issue 17 available soon!!!

$5.00 for U.S. / Canada
$4.00 for Europe
50 kr for Sweden
Limited quantities available of issues 1-14

Subscription rates are per issue and are as follows: 

1.50 for UK
2.50 for everywhere else. 
3.00 for issue # 11,12,13 & 14 

International checks please. 
No U.S. or foreign  personal checks or currency.

(note: the rates are in pound sterlings- check with your bank
for proper exchange rates.)

Contact info:

Joe Geesin (editor)
Headrest, Street End Lane
Broad Oak, Heathfield,
East Sussex, tn21 btu
United Kingdom
01435-867027 (fax) 
01435-863994 (phone)

   Also, for the ultimate Naz surfing experience, and for
information on how to join the fan club (Naznet!)...please
click on the "Naz links" icon on the homepage to view the
"Official Nazareth Website", brought to you exclusively by
the one and only .....Tom Weber!!!!